Elevate your career with
Our Digital Business Master’s Degree

  • Become a certified Digital Marketer in 6 months
  • Gain 18-months of work experience
  • Earn up to USD 7,200 before you graduate

Elevate your career with
Our Digital Business Master’s Degree

  • Become a certified Digital Marketer in 6 months
  • Gain 18-months of work experience
  • Earn up to USD 7,200 before you graduate

COVID-19 and Digital Transformation: The Catalysts Behind
Flourishing Digital Business Economy

The COVID-19 pandemic and related preventive measures have propelled the digital transformation. They have given the required push to startups, SMEs, and established enterprises; encouraging them to become digital-ready and discover new possibilities.

This has had a substantial impact on the way businesses interact with their customers and employers, further resulting in a sudden shift in in-demand career roles.

A clear overview of which can be taken from the following statistics –


growth in the marketing jobs in 2020, despite the COVID-19 pandemic.


increase in hiring of Digital business and sales professionals between 2019-2020.


marketing jobs were posted on LinkedIn in the same duration, out of 17,000 were remote positions.


is the average salary for digital marketing roles, whereas the amount is anticipated to increase exponentially.


of roles in digital strategy are filled by digital talents with 4-10 years of work experience.

Career Roles You Can Consider with Digital Business Master’s Degree

Be an Industry-certified Digital Marketing and Sales Professional with Work-Integrated CLaaS

Our Work-integrated master’s program gears you up for a progressive digital career by providing you with advanced marketing skills, digital skills, working opportunities, and a global network.

We support your dream to become the Digital marketing manager, Creative director, VP of marketing, VP of Sales, Chief Marketing Officer, or Chief Sales officer (CSO) of tomorrow, via –

  • Industry-led curriculum,
  • Blended learning model,
  • Experienced learning facilitators,
  • Apprenticeship amount of around USD 7,200.

An Overview of eduCLaaS’ Work-integrated master's program in Digital Business

6-months Digital bootcamp training

In bootcamp training, you study from an industry-led curriculum – 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. You equip yourself with competent skills, polish by practicing on real-life projects, and collaborate with other learners.

By the end of 1000 hours bootcamp training, you earn a skills certificate in Digital marketing and a skills certificate in digital marketing implementation.

18-months of Full-time, Paid Apprenticeship

After the completion of intensive bootcamp, you start working as a full-time, paid apprentice in recognised 2,000+ enterprises.

You work and learn from experienced Digital marketing strategists, Regional sales managers, SEO specialists, Web developers, Sales executives, and Social media managers. You hone your digital skills, marketing strategists, upgrade your workplace ethics, and build a stronger global network.

Not only this, you also study on weekends and receive another job skills certification during these 18 months.

Income Assurance Scheme

We expect 80% of our cohort to earn about USD 400 per month, making around USD 7,200 during this course. For the rest 20% of the learners, we have initiated a Minimum Income Assurance scheme. That ensures that you earn at least USD 4,000 during the course and pay your tuition bills (T & C apply).

Personalized Mentorship by Industry experts

Apart from gaining advanced digital skills and apprenticeship opportunities, you also receive personalized mentorship during this course.

You share your ideas with industry experts, while they disclose hidden business challenges and opportunities with you. This way, they provide the right guidance and enable you to land into an in-demand digital career role more effectively.

An Overview of eduCLaaS’ Work-integrated master's program in Digital Business

Concepts You Learn During this Master’s Degree Course

  1. Website Development
  2. Content marketing and Communications
  3. SEO Optimization
  4. Marketing Analytics
  5. Digital Business and Sales
  6. Marketing and CRM applications
  7. Omni-marketing campaign
  8. Customer Service
  9. Business Research and Analysis

Certifications You Earn During Digital Business Master’s Degree

  1. Skills certificate in Digital marketing
  2. Skills certificate in Digital marketing implementation
  3. Skills certificate in Solution marketing and Sales*
  4. Skills certificate in CRM applications**
  5. Master’s degree in Digital marketing by Marconi university***
  1. Skills certificate in Digital marketing
  2. Post-graduate certificate in Digital marketing implementation
  3. Post-graduate certificate in Solution marketing and Sales*
  4. Post-graduate certificate in CRM applications**
  5. Master’s degree in Digital marketing by Marconi university***

* Covered only under local degree pathway.
** Covered only under international degree pathway.
*** The title of degree certification is entitled to differ based on the awarding body involved.

Receive Multi-credential certifications from Recognized Institutions -

Get Skills certifications from

Get Master’s degree certificate from

About Our Learning Facilitators

Our program connects you to different learning facilitators throughout your journey.

While the instructors share their intensive skills and industry knowledge via Flipped classes, the lead mentors guide you through assignments and 1:1 sessions, and on-campus mentors help with real-life projects, project implementation, and more.

One Degree. Two Pathways.

eduCLaaS Work-integrated master’s degree in Digital business comes with two distinct pathways –  

International Pathway
Under this master’s degree pathway, you study from reputed international universities across PAN-Asia region. You learn from e-learning content, join flipped classes, work on real projects, collaborate with international students, receive personal mentorship, learn beyond territorial boundaries, and enrich your knowledge about the global business ecosystem.

You earn a master’s degree certification from accredited universities, such as Marconi University.

Local Pathway

Our Local degree pathway empowers you to connect our partnered local universities. You learn from an industry-relevant curriculum, gain on-campus support, and receive a degree endorsed by 50 universities across the globe.

Eligibility Criteria to Enroll in Advanced Degree Program

To apply for eduCLaaS’ master’s degree in Digital business and experience real career growth, you are required to have – 

  • IELTS 6.5 or equivalent 
  • Bachelor’s degree from a reputed university or its equivalent 

Work-integrated master’s degree in Digital Business start dates

starts on:

7th MARCH, 2022

ends on:

14th FEBRUARY, 2022

is in:


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