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eduCLaaS Showcases its CLaaS Talents Solution at DisruptInvest Summit


Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, March 16, 2023 — eduCLaaS is pleased to announce its successful participation in the DisruptInvest Summit hosted by Nexea. The summit brought together around 400 enterprises, investors, startups, venture capital, government agencies, and media to support and promote the next generation of tech giants. 


As an invited participant, eduCLaaS set up its own booth and had numerous tech startups visit our booth, showing a keen interest and overwhelming response in hiring our distributed global CLaaS Talents. 


Hiring top talent is a critical challenge faced by enterprises today. Many enterprises struggle with limited access to a pool of affordable, tech-savvy candidates, retention issues when hiring from a skilled workforce, difficulties upscaling their workforce digitally, and time-consuming resume screening processes. Through eduCLaaS, enterprises can tap into a diverse pool of skilled professionals who have acquired both tech-lite and deep-tech skills, making them suitable for a wide range of job roles. By providing in-demand training programs that equip individuals with the skills required to succeed in today's digital age, eduCLaaS creates a talent pipeline that enterprises can tap into for their hiring needs. This not only saves companies time and resources but also helps them build a more diverse and inclusive workforce. 


Talking about the experience, Parvin, Kaur, eduCLaaS Associate Director for Talent Management, said "Nexea did really well with organising a fruitful and engaging event. It was an excellent opportunity for us to connect our talent to a passionate community of tech entrepreneurs. We appreciate the partnership with NEXEA and look forward to their next event!” 


eduCLaaS is committed to redefining the post-secondary education track, and our Work-Study degree offers an innovative solution that allows students to immerse themselves in their chosen industry while acquiring deep industrial knowledge that they can apply during their degree. 


To learn more about eduCLaaS and its innovative solutions, please visit www.educlaas.com



About eduCLaaS  


eduCLaaS is a Pan-Asia Digital Learning and Talent Platform which aims to deliver talent and enterprise growth with CLaaS® for inclusive digital economy transformation. We connect higher education students, working adults, enterprises, employers, and post-secondary institutions for digital upskilling, digital career induction, and digital workforce development. 


CLaaS® delivers Competency Learning as a Service to bridge the digital skills gap with competency-based curriculum, work-based learning pedagogy, and blended work2learn journey. CLaaS® courses have received accreditations from education regulatory bodies and over 100 international universities. 


eduCLaaS, with a network of 100+ campuses, has served over 50,000+ learners, and 2,000+ enterprises across Asia with CLaaS®. 


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