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L. Bernardo Memorial High School, Inc., Philippines joins eduCLaaS platform to develop Glocal (Global Yet Local) Digital Talents



L. Bernardo Memorial High School, Inc. (LMBHS) signed a Memorandum of Agreement with eduCLaaS Pte Ltd to be an Authorized Training Partner (ATP) for the distribution of its CLaaS® Products across the Philippines.


CLaaS® delivers Competency Learning as a Service to support digital upskilling for higher education students, working adults, and enterprises in the digital economy. It adopts work-based learning pedagogy and a competency-based curriculum for blended learning journeys that deliver tangible career and business outcomes.


Under the partnership, eduCLaaS at LMBHS’ campus will deliver the following degrees, where the learners gain up to three years of work experience before graduating.


1. Work-Study International Bachelors (WIB) Digital Business: Higher Diploma in Digital Business (OR) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Business Management (Top-up) by University of Roehampton.


 2. Work-Study International Bachelors (WIB) Software Engineering: Higher Diploma in Software Engineering (OR) Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computer Science (Top-up) by the University of Roehampton. 


The LBMHS Administrator and Designated ATP Consultant - Dr Guillermo Rodante C. Estrellado expressed himself on the agreement signing occasion. He said, "At this juncture, we are implementing another milestone in the annals of the LBMHS’ History: LBMHS is the first and oldest high school in the Municipality of Luisiana, Laguna in the Philippines, established on May 22, 1949. And now that we are the first in Luisiana and in Laguna Province to enter the eduCLaaS alliance among Lithan Academy (Singapore), the University of Roehampton of London (U.K.), and the LBMHS (Philippines), this is another feather in the glorious and noble cap of LBMHS."


"We also express our commitment from LMBHS to the newly signed MoA and extend our full support to eduCLaaS and the student community. In this regard, we have the IT infrastructure and the manpower already in place at the LBMHS Campus. We do hope and pray that our endeavour will be fruitful and successful. Thank you very much, and God bless us all in our eduCLaaS Alliance endeavour." 


Excited about the partnership, eduCLaaS Founder and CEO, Mr. Leslie Loh, said, "Modern employers require plug-and-play graduates who can be productive from the first day of the job itself. Our 1+3 work-study degrees deliver seamless job induction before graduation: with 1 year of intensive skills acquisition bootcamp and 3 years of on-the-job training at the workplace. Our learners are Glocal (Global yet Local) digital talents as they engage in borderless learning and working, alongside international learners and employers, supported by over 100 regional campuses from across Asia." 


He further added, "We welcome LMBHS to join our Pan-Asia eduCLaaS platform to incubate Glocal (Global yet Local) digital talents ready for growth in the post-Covid digital economy." 


About eduCLaaS 


eduCLaaS is a Pan-Asia Digital Learning and Talent Platform which aims to deliver talent and enterprise growth with CLaaS® for inclusive digital economy transformation. We connect higher education students, working adults, enterprises, employers, and post-secondary institutions for digital upskilling, digital career induction, and digital workforce development.


CLaaS® delivers Competency Learning as a Service to bridge the digital skills gap with competency-based curriculum, work-based learning pedagogy and blended work2learn journey. CLaaS® courses have received accreditations from education regulatory bodies and over 100 international universities.


eduCLaaS, with a network of 100+ campuses, has served over 50,000+ learners, and 2000+ enterprises across Asia with CLaaS®. 


About L. Bernardo Memorial High School, Inc. (LBMHS) 


L. Bernardo Memorial High School, Inc. (LBMHS) is the first, oldest, and largest government-licensed privately-owned high school in Luisiana, Laguna (Philippines) established by Estrellado Family members and relatives on May 22, 1949. The school’s mission is to provide affordable quality education. It offers a complete curriculum for grades 7 to 12 as per Philippine Department of Education laws. In Senior High School (Grades 11 to 12) it offers a complete curriculum for academic track (STEM/Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics; ABM/Accountancy, Business, and Management; HUMSS/Humanities and Social Sciences) and technical-vocational track (IA/Industrial Arts; ICT/Information & Communication Technology; and HE/Home Economics). 


LBMHS is a Charter Member of the Laguna Province Private Schools & Administrators Association, Inc. and the National Alliance of Private Schools Philippines, Inc. The LBMHS is also a member of Laguna Industrial Parks, international educational institutions, local government units, and a representative in the Philippine Congress.

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