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Sanskriti University India joins eduCLaaS platform to develop Glocal (Global Yet Local) Digital Talents


Sanskriti University from India signed a Memorandum of Agreement with eduCLaaS Pte Ltd, the international subsidiary of Lithan Academy from Singapore, to jointly offer applied undergraduate degree CLaaS® across India.


CLaaS® delivers Competency Learning as a Service to support digital upskilling for higher education students, working adults, and enterprises in the digital economy. It adopts work-based learning pedagogy with a competency-based curriculum for blended learning journeys that deliver tangible career and business outcomes.


Under the partnership, eduCLaaS at Sanskriti University’s campus will deliver applied degree courses with an international work-study journey where the learners gain up to three years of working experience before graduation.


During the virtual MoA signing ceremony held on August 6th, Dr. Rana Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Sanskriti University, highlighted what the partnership entails for Sanskriti’s students, in his words, “The students will have an income opportunity while they are pursuing the program, an opportunity to supplement their earnings, and their overall earning might go beyond the overall fee paid by them. Our students will also get a technology-enabled learning ecosystem wherein the faculty members will join off and on to enhance their learning experience. And there will be a technology-enabled learning assessment, both formative and summative assessment.”


He also made remarks on the partnership and how they can best leverage the resulting learning opportunity for students, “I look forward to having an enriching and everlasting relationship with Lithan eduCLaaS International and see how best we can focus on getting the right set of students who would be keenly interested to work and earn internship revenue, while they are participating in learning opportunities in online programs as well as some of the Singapore-based institutions, or in some other organizations outside the country as well.”


“I look forward to a fruitful and rewarding relationship. To ensure that we can leverage the enriched curriculum and the technology-enabled learning ecosystem, and to have the best of Indian and Singaporean background in terms of the knowledge, skills set, and the competence of faculty members. We will also focus on leveraging the best of both worlds and make our students an optimal blend of globally employable managers and technology professionals, so that they are able to contribute their best by maximizing their employability and their overall orientation to deliver the best.”


eduCLaaS’s Founder and CEO, Leslie Loh had this to say about the partnership, “Modern employers require plug-and-play graduates who can be productive from the first day of the job. Our 1+3 work-study degrees deliver seamless job induction before graduation: with 1 year of intensive skills acquisition bootcamp and 3 years of on-the-job training at the workplace. Our learners are Glocal (Global yet Local) digital talents as they engage in borderless learning and working, alongside international learners and employers, supported by over 100 regional campuses from across Asia.”


He further added, “We welcome Sanskriti University in joining our Pan-Asia eduCLaaS platform to incubate Glocal (Global yet Local) digital talents ready for growth in the post-Covid digital economy.”


About Lithan and eduCLaaS


Lithan Academy is an accredited training organization endorsed by various government agencies under Singapore’s ministry of education.  We are EduTrust certified by the Council for Private Education (CPE) and a Committee for Continuous Education and Training (CET) appointed by SkillsFuture (SSG) Singapore. We are also an accredited international training center for Pearson UK.


eduCLaaS Pte Ltd is Lithan’s international subsidiary hosting our Pan-Asia eduCLaaS platform that connects higher education students, working adults, enterprises, employers, and higher education institutions for digital upskilling, digital career progression, digital transformation, and agile workforce development.


Lithan and eduCLaaS have served over 30,000 learners and 2000 enterprises with our network of over 100 campuses across Asia.


About Sanskriti University


Sanskriti University has been ranked at number 8 among the emerging universities of the country by India’s leading English language magazine, “The Week”. Sanskriti University, set up in a serene environment with state-of-the-art infrastructure, is delivering 360-degree holistic development of students. Sanskriti University’s intellectual capital comprises highly qualified and experienced faculty, drawn from the industry and academia. A curriculum tailored to the needs of the industry, coupled with the use of industry-leading pedagogies enables the students to transform themselves into job-ready resources. Sanskriti is committed to elevating itself to the status of the top 10 private universities on all key parameters by delivering exceptional skill-based education by making incremental progress at a quick pace.


Professor Dr. Rana Singh


Sanskriti University






Sri Aurobindo Foundation for Indian Culture (SAFIC) under the aegis of Sri Aurobindo Society shall work collaboratively with Sanskriti University in the process of curriculum development, academic delivery, research, exchange programmes, and allied areas to offer certificate, diploma, undergraduate, and postgraduate programmes.



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