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The Changing Nature of Work

Digital Skills Shift

McKinsey Global Institute (MGI)5 survey reported that workforce skills will shift with the digital revolution. It indicated that all digital skills, both basic and advanced technology skills, including 21st-century soft skills, will see substantial growth in demand.

Digital skills have become essential skills for achieving career growth in the new digital economy.

Need for Upskilling

As enterprises are entering a new wave of digitization, automation is starting to play a critical role in employment. Nearly every job demands some level of digital skills now, and some of the existing business and tech skills are undergoing a profound digital shift.

The only way forward is to keep up with the ever-changing technologies.

Why Choose eduCLaaS

Critical Skills Acquisition

eduCLaaS delivers a complete set of skills certification courses for business and tech professionals to empower you with advanced digital skills for high-demand future jobs.

Contextualized Workplace Learning

Competency Learning as a Service or CLaaS delivers non-invasive, just-enough, and just-in-time learning. CLaaS is aligned around a competency-based curriculum to deliver specific skills and competencies required by employers and the industry. We deliver skills utilization at the workplace that helps learners synthesize and apply their knowledge.

Affordable Learning

Kickstart your digital career transformation journey with 500 USD. Pay the 2,000 USD course fee in 4 equal installments of 500 USD across the 4 months of your training.

Mentoring from Industry Experts

Acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the inner workings of the professional world which includes markets, systems, and processes from thought leaders and influencers of the industry.

Lifelong Learning CLaaS® for Professionals

Intensive 3-6 months digital skills acceleration training with expert mentoring for transition into high growth digital jobs.

Digital Skills Certificates for Business Professionals
eduCLaaS offers you a comprehensive set of skills certification courses that aid you in kickstarting your digital business career or transitioning to a high-value one.

Digital Transformation Leader
Become a management professional who understands and leverages the best practices and methodologies of technology implementation to drive businesses forward. You can be the leader who helps businesses go digital and thrive in the new digital economy.
Digital Transformation Leader
Digital Business Developer
Become a sales talent with omnichannel sales and marketing ability to prospect, engage and close deals seamlessly from online to offline. With 94% of companies and 81% of individual consumers researching online before making a purchase decision, it is no surprise that these future-ready sales professionals are crucial for any company to succeed in the new digital economy.

Digital Business Developer

Digital Marketer
Gain the ability to market products or services using digital technologies such as social media platforms and Google Search. Execute digital engagement strategies such as content marketing and search engine optimization. Digital Marketing is rated as one of the hottest jobs in Southeast Asia with an earning potential of up to USD 30,140.
Digital Marketer
Data Analyst
Become a data analyst who extracts powerful business insights from the day-to-day inflow of data within your business platform. Data analysts are high-value professionals with an average earning potential of up to USD 43,226, and the job role is a stepping stone to being a Data Scientist.
Data Scientist

Become a data expert who derives powerful business insights from structured and unstructured data using statistical modeling and machine learning tools. Data scientists are one of the most valued professionals globally and the average annual earning in Singapore is about USD 67,153.
Data Scientist

Process Automation Specialist
Become a Process Automation Specialist who leverages their business domain experience to implement and administer digital tools for companies. RPA Specialists are often the core catalysts driving the success of enterprise digital transformation initiatives, such as the S$80 million ‘SMEs Go Digital’ programme of Singapore.
Process Automation
Digital Skills Certificates for Tech Professionals
eduCLaaS offers you a comprehensive set of skills certification courses that aid you in kickstarting your tech career or transitioning to a high-value one.
Full Stack Web Developer
Become a developer who designs, creates, and optimizes websites. With knowledge of both front-end and back-end processes, you can develop a website end-to-end, from the layout and user functions of a webpage to the backend database and web applications. Ranked as one of the hottest jobs in Southeast Asia, this job role in Singapore fetches an average salary of up to USD 55,865.

AI Developer
Become a developer who creates programs to sense, reason, act, and adapt like the cognitive functions of a human brain. The most significant technology event of the 21st century, artificial intelligence will be the DNA of every technology we will use in the future, and AI professionals will be the Architects of the Future.

Hear it From Our Students

Brenda Neo - eduCLaaS Student

Brenda Neo

“I have always been very interested in data science and the lecturers and mentors have been very knowledgeable, kind and patient even though I came from a non-programming background.”

Jason Mah - eduCLaaS Student

Jason Mah

“I choose to enroll with eduCLaaS because of their job placement assistance. The learning experience is pretty good and mentors are very knowledgeable in their field.”

Andre Lee - eduCLaaS Student

Andre Lee

“I was a traditional sales & marketing manager and the trainers are very helpful. I can now gather more than 700 likes for my company Facebook posts and lead to an increase in sales.”

Sharina Gan - eduCLaS Student

Sharina Gan

“I would like to upgrade my digital skills and Lithan has bite-size content to guide me through. Learning is fun with exposure to real-world projects and the trainers are patient as well.”

Neo Wei Siang - eduCLaaS Student

Neo Wei Siang

“The learning experience in eduCLaaS is enjoyable. Despite no programming background, the trainers are patient and able to relate what we have learned to real-life situations.”

About eduCLaaS

  • 100 campuses across Asia
  • Accredited by the Singapore government as a CET Centre (Continuing Education and Training)
  • EduTrust certified  by SkillsFuture Singapore & Committee for Private Education (CPE)
  • Internationally accredited by Pearson UK and Scottish Qualifications Authority (SQA)

Awards & Accreditations

  • Microsoft Global Learning Partner of the Year Award (Finalist)
  • Pearson’s BTEC College of the Year 2019 Award for Asia
  • dun&bradstreet’s Business Eminence Award 2020
  • Flame Innovation Award 2019 by SkillsFuture Singapore
  • APAC CIO Outlook’s Top 10 Provider of Education Tech Solution​

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