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Digital Skills Shift

McKinsey Global Institute survey reported that all digital skills, including both basic and advanced technology skills, along with 21st-century soft skills will see substantial growth in demand.

Digital Talents Crunch
Korn Ferry’s global talents crunch report study estimates that the Asia Pacific is set for severe skills crunch due to the digital revolution with talent shortage rising to 50% of global shortage by 2030

Classroom Training Lacks Outcome
Classroom-oriented training is inefficient and ineffective. Enterprises are seeking learning that delivers workplace skills utilization with tangible business outcomes.

We assist your learners acquire digital skills with work-based learning that delivers tangible digital transformation outcomes in the flow of work.

We support enterprises in establishing critical digital skills needs with job-specific digital skills profiling in alignment with Singapore’s national skills framework for building an agile and digital skilled workforce.

We deliver digital skills diagnostic for developing a digital upskilling plan to support personalized work2learn journey for job onboarding, field induction, and continuous on-the-job training.

We contextualize CLaaS with workflow integration via live project implementation to deliver workplace skills utilization with tangible business OUTCOMES. We facilitate learning co-ownership between learners, L&D, businesses, and educational institutions with collaborative peer2peer learning and mentoring.

CLaaS@Work supports digital Learning and Development at the workplace with contextualized curriculum, on-demand mentors, and learning technology as a service. We deliver a personalized just-in-time learning journey incorporating self-directed e-Learning, live instructor-led flipped classes, and expert mentoring.

The workplace will be virtual and digital in the post-Covid digital economy. We support enterprises in building an agile digital workplace with the adoption of agile work practices and modern workplace technology.

We deliver Digital Leadership Transformation CLaaS to support enterprise leadership in developing and implementing digital transformation plans. This leadership will gain Insights on digital business and technologies to develop and implement innovative business plans and technology roadmaps for digital transformation.
Digital Transformation Leadership CLaaS

We deliver Agile Collaboration CLaaS to support enterprises in building an agile and collaborative workplace with the adoption of agile work practices and Microsoft Teams for workgroup communication and collaboration management.
Agile Collaboration


We deliver Process Automation CLaaS to support enterprises in implementing a connected workplace without physical boundaries to deliver optimum operational efficiency.With Microsoft’s Power Automate & Power Apps, non-technical operational users will be able to leverage on robotic automation and low-code application development tools to streamline business processes and integrate applications for straight-through processing across the organization.
Process Automation Implementation

We upskill your workforce to deliver a unified customer journey and experience with multi-channel marketing outreach and online2offline full-funnel engagement.

We deliver Digital Sales Accelerator CLaaS for cultivating a digital salesforce ready to drive exponential sales growth. We will upskill your traditional salesforce to become digital business developers for delivering consultative solution-based sales with online2offline engagement.

Digital Business

We deliver Omni Marketing CLaaS to support online2offline customer engagement for unified customer journey and experience delivery. We upskill your marketing team for launching omni-marketing campaigns able to support multi-channel marketing outreach with full-funnel sales engagement.
Digital Marketing

CLaaS@Work delivers on-demand workplace learning for digital upskilling to support holistic digital transformation for enterprises. Our integrated training with expert mentoring delivers not just training but also workplace skills utilization that delivers digital transformation outcomes.

We upskill your workforce for straight-through processing with front2back office enterprise applications implementation including digital commerce, CRM, and ERP applications.

We deliver Shopify and WordPress CLaaS to support enterprises in setting up their digital shopfront. We skill-up enterprise’s marketing operations team for developing their enterprise website using WordPress and implementing digital commerce applications using Shopify.
Digital Commerce

We deliver Omnicom CLaaS to support enterprises in implementing their digital marketing and CRM applications. We skill-up enterprise’s sales & marketing team to support application implementation including application setup, product configurations, data take up, implementation planning, and project management.

We deliver Microsoft Dynamic 365 ERP CLaaS to support enterprises in implementing their Enterprise Resource Planning applications. We skill-up enterprise’s operations and finance team for application implementation including application setup, product configurations, data take up, implementation planning, and project management.

In the digital economy, the spreadsheet is no longer adequate for gaining access to quality data and actionable insights. We empower your workforce with data analytics skills to deliver a data-driven intelligence business.

We support enterprises in creating a data-driven culture with business intelligence for all. We deliver Business Analytics CLaaS to support finance and operations teams in implementing data modeling, visualization and reporting for data insights discovery at scale using Microsoft PowerBI Software.
Business Analytics CLaaS

While business intelligence tools deliver data insights using past and present data, we deliver Data Science CLaaS to support enterprises looking into the future with prescriptive and predictive analytics leveraging on machine learning and artificial intelligence technology.

Data Science

We recruit digital talents from across geographies and experiences, get them work-ready with onboarding training for your technology stacks, and embed them into your organization for pan-Asia deployment with remote workforce hosting and management.
We support enterprises in building an on-demand all-in-one digital skills academy to support contextualized workplace learning, personalized learning journey, and AI-driven learning operations.

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