Digital CLaaS Academy
Digital CLaaS Academy
Workplace Learning Contextualization with CLaaS@Work

Curriculum Contextualization

CLaaS@Work supports digital learning and development at the workplace with contextualized curriculum, on-demand mentors, and learning technology as a service. It is structured to bridge 3 major learning gaps inherent with traditional corporate training, namely relevant gap, outcome gap, and access gap. We contextualize CLaaS with workflow integration via live project implementations to deliver workplace skills utilization for tangible business outcomes.

Workplace Learning as-a-Service

CLaaS@Work delivers on-demand workplace learning for digital upskilling to support rapid and holistic digital transformation for enterprises. Our integrated training with expert mentoring programs delivers not just training but also workplace skills utilization that enhances digital transformation outcomes.

Personalized AI-driven Learning with CLaaStech
CRM for Marketing and Recruitment
CLaaStech CRM supports an ‘outside-in’ learner-centric journey with omnichannel engagement to deliver seamless marketing outreach and learner recruitment. It delivers end2end sales and marketing funnel management with integrated applications and admission processing.

O2O Campus for Blended Learning
ClaaSTech delivers virtual campus and mentoring technology to support online2offline blended learning journey with predictable learning outcomes. ClaaStech Virtual Campus delivers an online2offline blended learning experience while ClaaStech AI-Driven Virtual Mentor facilitates intelligent learning with predictable outcomes.

ERP for Learning Administration
CLaaStech ERP delivers comprehensive blended learning administration support to include course management, admission management, enrolment management, facility management, financial management, and exam management.
Talents 360 for Talents Management
ClaaStech Talent 360 delivers a data-driven approach to talent management. We maintain a unified 360-degree profile view of each talent to include preferences, interests, educations, work experiences, skills inventory, career goals, skills gaps, learning plans, etc. Our AI-powered learning and talents analytics deliver actionable learning recommendations in alignment with the skills framework for course planning and career exploration.
Learning Operations as a Service
Digital Skills Profiling
We support enterprises in establishing critical digital skills needs with digital skills diagnostics and profiling in alignment with Singapore’s national skills framework for building an agile and digitally skilled workforce.
Recruitment and Enrollment
We deliver marketing outreach for seamless recruitments and enrollment of learners internally and externally into the academy.
Learning Management
We deliver learners onboarding, learning journey facilitation, and learning assessment for unified learning experience delivery.
Learning Administration
We deliver end2end learning administration including admission management, enrolment management, course management, exam management, facility management, chart of accounts, billing, collections, and online2offline payment integration.

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