Digital Workforce incubation

Digital Skills Shift

McKinsey Global Institute survey reported that all digital skills, including both basic and advanced technology skills, along with 21st-century soft skills will see substantial growth in demand.

Conventional education can’t deliver work-ready talent

Conventional classroom-oriented education and training are unable to deliver the industry-relevant Plug-and-Play graduates that enterprises are seeking.

Digital Talents Crunch

Korn Ferry’s global talents crunch report study estimates that the Asia Pacific is set for severe skills crunch due to the digital revolution with talent shortage rising to 50% of global shortage by 2030

We source, onboard, train, and host your digital talents for online2offline deployment from across 50 locations in Asia.

We support enterprises in digital talent recruitment, internally and externally, without geography and experience boundary.  We source, assess, and diagnose candidates for meeting your recruitment needs.

We support job onboarding with contextualized CLaaS for exposing new recruits to your technology stack and work environment. Our contextualized CLaaS is tailored to the flow of work in your organization to deliver workplace skills utilization with live project implementations and peer2peer mentoring.

With the onboarding training, your candidates will be embedded seamlessly into your organization as permanent hires or on-demand talent with optional hosting and talent management support in over 50 co-working facilities across Asia.

CLaaS® Talents are multi-disciplinary digital talents who are not only technically sound but also possess communication and cross-border collaborative skills for global and local deployment across Asia.


Our CLaaS® Alumni come with the required skills for job onboarding training tailored to your technology stacks and working environment. Our CLaaS® Apprentices are either alumni from our Digital Skills CLaaS®  or STEM graduates certified to have the required skills.

Our CLaaS® Pro are certified to have at least two years of full-time work experience in specific job roles.

Our CLaaS® Mentors are certified experts available on-demand as workplace mentors to support continuous on-the-job training for skills mastery.

CLaaS® Talents Across Job Roles

Work as a Business Development Manager/ Sales Engineer/ Sales Consultant/ Digital Business Consultant. Create a lean canvas, derive your Minimum Viable Product (MVP), define customer segments, identify distribution channels, prepare sales and investor pitch decks, validate business models, execute digital marketing campaigns, and understand various business analytical tools.
Digital Business Developer

Manage social media marketing for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn, as well as Google Analytics, SEO, SEM, email, and content marketing. Manage end-to-end Digital Marketing.
Digital Marketer

Develop digital transformation/innovation strategies to break down the barriers and remove obstacles that block transformation/innovation with design thinking. Leverage digital technology solutions for digital transformation/innovation and manage product implementation projects with Agile frameworks.
Digital Project Manager

Clean, Analyse, Visualise, and Predict both structured and unstructured data using machine learning models in R studio, Azure Machine Learning studio, Spark HDInsights. Set the stage for a Data Scientist role.
Data Analyst

Interpret and manage data and solve complex problems using expertise in a variety of data niches. Handle data management, analytics modeling, and business analysis. Be a real change-maker within the organization, offering insights that can drive the company toward its ultimate business goals.
Data Scientist

Work with both the front and back ends of a website or application. Provide end-to-end services and be a part of projects that involve databases and building user-facing websites. Design, develop, test, deploy, maintain, and improve full-stack web software.
Full Stack Developer

Apply your expertise of Python Machine Learning programming, statistical modelling, Azure Machine Learning models in Jupyter Notebook, Deep Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) to define the next generation of Artificial Intelligent solutions and making inferences from data and knowledge.
AI Developer

Become a go-to help desk assistant and tech support for all types of issues affecting end users, such as software problems, network breakdowns, and hardware failures.
System Support Specialist

Install and configure software, hardware, and networks. Monitoring system performance and troubleshooting issues. Ensuring security and efficiency of IT infrastructure of the organization. Actively resolve problems and issues with computer and server systems to limit work disruptions within the company.
System Administrator

Manage and resolve application and system issues that arise across the organisation. Work as an SAP ERP Consultant with your expertise in SAP ERP Materials Management (MM) system business processes, configuration, master data, transactions, reporting and SAP Activate implementation methodology skills.
Applications Support

Work as consultant with strong expertise in SAP Financial Accounting skills to help your enterprise to automate its business processes. Leverage your skills set in SAP ERP Financial Accounting (FI) system business processes, configuration, master data, transactions, reporting and SAP Activate implementation methodology.
Applications Developer

CLaaS® Talents Across Geographies

Source talent from various geographies across the APAC to suit your skills requirement, cultural relevance, and project budgets.

CLaaS® Employers