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Future of Learning

Academic to Applied Learning

With frequent reskilling needed for rapid job changes, academic education front loading at higher education institutions is no longer practical. It is a poor return on investment when the jobs learners study for no longer exist by the time they graduate.

There needs to be a convergence between academic education and skills-based training for an applied learning delivery able to develop ‘plug and play’ skills talents required by modern employers.

HigherED to Lifelong Education

In the past, graduating from a higher-education institution marked the point where education stopped, and work began. In the digital era, ACCESS to learning will be lifelong with education and work intertwined where we won’t learn to work – we will work to learn.

Classroom to Workplace Learning

Traditional classroom-oriented corporate training has high opportunity costs with learners taken out of the workplace. Future workplaces require work-based learning that goes beyond knowledge dissemination and is able to deliver workplace skills utilization for improved business outcomes.

Workplace Learning Contextualization with CLaaS@Work

CLaaS delivers Competency Learning as a Service to support digital upskilling for higher education students, working adults, and enterprises.

It comprises over 20 qualifications and 100 modular training programs to deliver digital skills for high-demand future jobs in digital business, digital marketing, enterprise applications, data analytics, artificial intelligence, software development, and systems administration.

Work Study Degree CLaaS for HigherED

Our 1+X work-study pathway delivers work-ready digital talents after 12-months Bootcamp training with mentoring support from industry experts. 

Our learner is employed as a full-time paid apprentice for international employers to graduate with up to three years of working experience. 

We expect more than 80% of our graduates will earn more than their tuition fees for a debt-free degree

Lifelong Learning CLaaS® for Adults

Intensive 3-6 months digital skills acceleration training with expert mentoring for transition into high growth digital jobs.

Digital Skills Certificates for Hybrid Digital Career
We offer you a complete set of Skills certification courses that aid you in kickstarting your Digital Hybrid career.

Digital Business Developer
We deliver Digital Sales Accelerator CLaaS that makes you ready for a digital business developer role. We assist you in discovering ways to deliver consultative solution-based sales with Online2Offline engagement and drive exponential sales growth.
Digital Business Developer
Digital Marketer
We equip you with the knowledge that makes you ready for the role of Digital Marketer. We deliver Omni-marketing CLaaS that instructs you how to maintain Online2Offline customer engagement and launch Omni-marketing campaigns to support multi-channel outreach with full-funnel sales engagement.
Digital Marketer
Application Consultant
We make you competent for the role of Application consultant where you create, customize, or maintain application software and web-based programs. You also provide technical support, write data-based reports, and train others for ensuring streamlined software functioning.
Process Automation Specialist
We assist you in unleashing a Processing Automation career with our course that covers the knowledge and skills required for designing and automating business processes, ways to use and customize the potential of Microsoft Power apps, and the method of process automation implementation for varied business process flow as per the requirements.
Process Automation
Data Analyst
We support you in building your career as a Data Analyst via our course that discusses data analysis, data storytelling, statistical knowledge, problem-solving, strategic thinking, and more. We prepare you to step into any business and take data-based actions that bring profitable business outcomes.
Data Scientist

We help you in accelerating your career as a data scientist by covering all the basics concepts and their real-life implication. We encourage you to delve into the future with predictive and prescriptive analytics and make profitable data-based business decisions.
Data Scientist

Digital Skills Certificates for Deep Tech Career
We serve you with a comprehensive list of skills certification courses that assist you to take off your deep tech career.
Full Stack Web Developer
We contribute to your journey of becoming a Full stack web developer via our course that helps you to learn Struts, Spring, Hibernate, AWS, ReactJS. You also gain knowledge about the APIs of recognized digital platforms like Facebook and Google and hone your agile development skills.

AI Developer

We serve you with an AI developer certification course that clears your concepts around Machine learning programming, Azure Machine learning models, Statistical modeling, Deep learning, and Natural Language Processing. This is coupled with real-world projects that polishes your tech skills and make you ready to define the next generations of the AI-based technical world.

System Support Specialist
We help you build a career as a System Support Specialist with our certification course that gives you a sound knowledge of Computer hardware, software, and networks. We make you ready for managing hardware/software installations, fixing technical issues, and improving IT systems for higher operational efficiency.

System Administrator
We assist you in stepping up your career as System Administrator with our certification course that helps you learn the best practices for selecting hardware, vendors, and services, the common infrastructure services to offer, ways to maintain cloud-based servers, backup and retrieve data, and enhance processes within IT environment.

Digital Transformation CLaaS@Work for Enterprises

Classroom-oriented training is inefficient and self-paced eLearning has not been effective.

CLaaS@Work delivers contextualized competency-based curriculum, on-demand industry mentorship, and learning technology as a service for workforce digital upskilling to support enterprise digital transformation.

AI-driven CLaaS Technology for Blended Learning

CLaaStech delivers unified online2offline learner-centric engagement with straight-through processing support from omnichannel marketing and recruitment to blended learning management and administration for optimum operational efficiency and learning experience.

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