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Be a Full Stack Web Developer

A 6-month hybrid virtual training bootcamp that provides you all the knowledge and skills you need that launches your career as a Full-stack Web Developer. By the end of the course, you are will be so skilled that you will have a guaranteed job!*

*Refer to Job Guarantee Terms and Conditions below

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Applied Learning Delivers Work Ready Skilled Graduates

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Immersive Training with Virtual Bootcamp">Immersive Training with Virtual Bootcamp

Attend structured and intensive online learning with live, virtual classes you can attend anywhere at your convenience.

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Expert Mentorship

Be mentored by full-stack web developers with years of industry experience developing web applications.

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Job Placement Support

We guarantee* a 3-month paid internship (for Full-Time study option) and job placement assistance. Leave your details below so we can get one of our Career Coaches to get in contact with you!

*For full Terms and Conditions please scroll below

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Learning Facilities

Experience new cultures and international collaboration when you optionally attend live, virtual classes at any of our fully-equipped classrooms across ASEAN and India.

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Flexible Payment ">Flexible Payment

Pay only US$200 per month for the 6-month bootcamp duration. Pay the remaining US$1,800 course fee only when you get hired. Get employed within 6 months after the bootcamp or all your money back!*

*For full Terms and conditions please scroll below

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What I get

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Who should attend and prerequisites
Who should attend
Professionals and pre-diploma graduates who want to develop front end & JAVA Programming Skills may enroll into this bootcamp to gain skills and be trained to be a full-stack web developer.

Educational Qualification: Pre-diploma or higher

Language Proficiency: IELTS 5.0 or its equivalent

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Module 1: Front End Web Development
  • IU1: Website Technology and Tools
  • IU2: Website Design Overview
  • IU3: Apache Web Server
  • IU4: Introduction to HTML and Web Browsers
  • IU5: Structuring and Styling with CSS
  • IU6: Working with CSS: An Example
  • IU7: Introduction to Javascript
  • IU8: Introduction to jQuery & jQueryUI
  • IU9: HTML5 & CSS3
  • IU10: Testing Interactive Websites & Standards
Module 2: Programming in Java
  • IU1: Introduction to Java
  • IU2: Introduction to Java Variables & Data Types
  • IU3: Operators & Control Statements
  • IU4: Data Types in Java
  • IU5: OOPS Concepts in Java - Part 1  
  • IU6: OOPS Concepts in Java - Part 1
  • IU7: OOPS Concepts in Java - Part 3
  • IU8: Introduction to Databases
  • IU9: Introduction to MySQL and JDBC
  • IU10: Databases Requirement Analysis
  • IU11: Database Analysis & Design
  • IU12: Reading Data using JDBC
  • IU13: Managing Data using JDBC
  • IU14: Java RMI
  • IU15: Java GUI Programming
  • IU16: Building Java Solution
  • IU17: Testing & Documentation Java Solutions
  • IU18: Database Security, Backup & Restore
  • IU19: Database Scalability
Module 3: Java Framework
  • IU1: Collections In Java Part - 1         
  • IU2: Collections In Java Part - 2
  • IU3: Data Structure
  • IU4: Exception Handling
  • IU5: Multithreading
  • IU6: Searching and Sorting Algorithms
  • IU7: Servlet
  • IU8: Advance Servlet 
  • IU9: Enterprise Java Beans
  • IU10: Struts
  • IU11: Java Server Faces
  • IU12: Hibernate
  • IU13: Database Design for Java Applications
  • IU14: Database Security for Java Applications
  • IU15: Database Scalability for Java Applications 
  • IU16: UAT Planning & Process
  • IU17: UAT Environment, Tools & Artifacts
  • IU18: Test Results & Test Reports
Module 4: Application Integration Using Java
  • IU1: Introduction to Distributed Software Applications
  • IU2: Designing Distributed Software Applications
  • IU3: Implementing Distributed Software Applications
  • IU4: Testing Distributed Software Applications
  • IU5: Case Study: Distributed Software Applications
  • IU6: Configuration Management for Distributed Software Applications
  • IU7: Application Programming Interface
  • IU8: API Design
  • IU9: API Implementation
  • IU10: Web Services with Java
  • IU11: Web Services - Case Study
  • IU12: Web Services Testing


Module 5: Integrated Java Web Development Project
Learners will embark on a full-stack web development project under the guidance of our mentors.

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Course Fees

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Lithan Malaysia">Lithan Malaysia

Lithan Malaysia is situated in Kepong, Kuala Lumpur. Learners are able to study in the comforts of study booths, common lounges, lecture rooms or even in the computer lab. Unwind after a long day of studying by doing some light reading in Lithan's library or gorge on food with the malls nearby.

Visit us at:
No.16-2, 2nd floor, Wisma Menjalara 7A/62A,
52200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

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Student Testimonials


Student in Earn and Learn Programme

I like studying at Lithan, it gives me the freedom to study at my own pace.


Lwin Moe Aung

Student in Earn and Learn Programme

"Lithan has many good facilities and (a) very strong support system..."


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Zaw Win Tun

Managing Director of Digital Dots

"...the curriculum based skills leaning is created for the current industry needs, so is designed from employer’s perspective."


Yan Linn Thor

Founder and CEO of Evolx

Lithan’s approach is completely different. Even before they get the certificate the students have to work and get the experience of working in a real company doing real projects.


Kim Grant

Managing Director, Blue Stone

Lithan has good reputation and has a competency based curriculum for students,It is designed from an employer’s perspective. The knowledge and digital skills learnt is very industry relevant.



Interblocks is a comprehensive service delivery solutions provider for the global banking, financial services and telecom markets.


Sambaash helps leverage innovation, increase revenue multi-fold and enhance productivity through its innovative digital transformation apps and product suites.

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Lithan's Job Guarantee
Job Guarantee Terms and Conditions

1. Conditions of application of the Job Guarantee


1.1.  Lithan undertakes to provide a full refund all paid course fees for a Customer who has joined the Programme, if, after 6 months of the completion of the Programme, the Customer has neither accepted nor started an employment contract, either a temporary employment contract of at least one (1) month or a permanent employment within a Company. The form of employment can be in the learner’s place of resident or any internationally located companies. In the instance that employment is not in the learners place of resident, employment could take 2 possible forms depending on the requirements of participating companies:


- The learners remain in their country of origin and are remotely managed by participating companies.
- Relocating to the country which participating companies as assigned. Learners would need to ensure, they have the valid visa for work in these location(s).  



1.2. Lithan may refund all paid course fees if the Customer satisfies, in good faith, all of the following conditions:


- Successfully completed the course, including capstone project.


- Have not rejected more than 2 times an opportunity for a job interview;
- Have not rejected more than 2 times any employment opportunity;
- The Customer would need to in their best effort show that they are actively seeking employment by submitting 5 application per week. A detailed report of the job placement interviews to be sent to Lithan (admissions@lithan.com) at least once every 14 days. This report must include all of the correspondence and interviews by all means; a list of all the Companies contacted including their names, addresses, sectors of activity, relevant dates and the answers received;
- The Customer must respect Lithan’s Terms of Use; Code of Conduct; Lithan’s instructions, including, should Lithan deem it necessary, the obligation to follow Lithan career resource courses when such resources would be available;
- The Customer must declare and certify on their honour that on the day that he/she requests for a fee refund, he/she has neither received, nor refused, nor accepted, nor failed to reply to, a Job offer, during or prior to the Programme.



1.3. Under the Job Guarantee, and subject to the conditions listed in the preceding paragraphs being met, Lithan shall refund in full the total amount of course fees paid for the programme. 



2. Job Guarantee Terms and Conditions


In order for Lithan to refund the paid course fees, the Customer must present, within 30 days of the end of the Programme Job Guarantee period at the latest:



- A certificate from the national public employment service of their country of residence justifying their status as a citizen without employment (where applicable);
- Their income tax details certifying no income was received in the prior 6 months or any relevant document(s), such as Provident Fund statements;
- Justifying documents and evidence proving that the conditions set out in 1.2. have been satisfied.



Failure to provide the above documents shall prevent the Customer from getting a course fee refund under the Job Guarantee.