The Software Engineering Masters course is a part of our innovative Work-based masters degree program that prepares you for managerial and senior tech roles.

Build a Stronger Technical Foundation with Our Software Engineering Master Course

Our master’s degree in Software Engineering aids you to learn about the evolving technology environment, develop deep work-related skills, and get ready for indefinite career roles. 

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Full Stack Software Developer

The tremendous rise in the popularity of online businesses has resulted in higher demand for full stack software developers. Clear evidence is –  

  • 28% annual growth is witnessed in the number of Full Stack web and software development opportunities worldwide. 
  • USD 12,000 increase can be obtained in full stack developer salary with a Master’s degree. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Developer

A significant upsurge in Artificial Intelligence (AI) jobs is also noticed with the advent of digitalization. According to the top statistics,  

  • 32% increase is noticed in demand for AI developers. 
  • 133Mn new AI application developer jobs will be created worldwide by 2022. 
  • USD 171,715 is the average salary that AI specialists will earn. 

An Overview of Our Work-based Software Engineering Master’s degree

Our Workbased masters in Software engineering is an extensive 3-years journey to become a global-ready talent. Here, you gain conceptual knowledge, work experience and personal mentorship from the industry leaders.

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6 Months: Full-Time Coding Bootcamp

The first phase of eduCLaaS’ Work-based degree is an intensive, full-time bootcamp.  

During this 6-month period, you study from an industry-related curriculum and gain key insights into full stack development concepts and tools. You also advance your knowledge of emerging technologies such as AI, Big Data, and Cloud computing. 

What is unique about this bootcamp training is that you learn via different blended learning exercises.

In addition to this, you receive 1-to-1 mentorship support from the industry experts. You learn about hidden industry challenges and perks, develop the right attitude, build your unique portfolio, and get assistance in deciding the right milestones.

This 1000 hour of rigorous training equips you with the right digital and future-ready skills – making you ready to enter the market as a Full stack developer. Something that makes eduCLaaS’ Work-based course the best masters in Software Engineering degree across the globe. 


18 Months: Industry Apprenticeship

The next phase of eduCLaaS’ Software Engineering Masters course is full-time apprenticeship. 

Here, you get hired as a paid software engineer apprentice by our 2000+ globally recognised enterprises and for the next 18 months, you work while –

  • collaborating with experienced professionals,
  • testing your knowledge and skills,
  • polishing your workplace skills, and
  • building stronger networks.

This way, you pave your way to a better, triumphant career. 

Another interesting aspect of Master’s apprenticeship program is that it helps to make a balance between your studies and work. How?

Under the program, you work full-time on weekdays and study on weekends

By the time you complete your master’s in Software engineering, you not solely have the in-demand tech and soft skills, but also an enriched working experience, wider network, and caliber to sense and mitigate the unexpected technical challenges; giving you a competitive edge over the fresh graduates through the conventional degree system.  

Making Software Engineering Master’s Course Accessible, Flexible, and Affordable

EduCLaaS’ work-based masters degree program is designed such that physical territorial boundaries and financial issues do not come in the way to get higher education and fulfill your big ambitions. 

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Accessible across the Asia Pacific region

We have 100+ campuses in the Asia Pacific region along with a global virtual campus; enabling you to study in a borderless environment. You get the opportunity to study with local and international students, get involved in cross-border learning, and learn about their cultures and ideologies. This aids you to gain global market knowledge and be ready for a career beyond national boundaries.  

Affordable with Minimal Education debt

Our apprenticeship program is designed in a way that enables you to pay for your master’s education right from the second semester. We aim that you earn up to USD 7,200 during the course and therefore, lower down your education debt. 

Additionally, we have also come up with a Minimum Income Assurance Scheme that ensures that you receive a particular minimum income to support your education (T&C).  

What Our Masters’ Students Say about Our Software Engineering Course

Nickson Lau

Nickson Lau

eduCLaaS' work-study degree program is quite different from others as it is skill-based. You've to submit assignments on certain problems that help to test your knowledge and explore different ways you can solve it on your own.

Hibraheem Sabir

Hibraheem Sabir

What I like the most about this program is that the learning is based on the practical aspect of the subject rather than its theory part. Also, the lecturers are eager to assist you and clear your doubts even on the weekends. I believe this will prepare me well for the job industry and further, like starting my own consulting services company.

Tharnaraj Jaindren

Tharnaraj Jaindren

The program was a bit challenging and tiring, but far more interesting than sitting and studying for 3 years straight. And the fact that I can pay for my studies from second year onwards and not add to the burden of my parents made it a great choice for me.



I really liked the blended learning experience eduCLaaS gave me as it allowed me to connect with my teachers anytime and allowed me to learn on demand, whether in campus or at home. I liked that I can start work in just 12 months and become a full-time apprentice.

Lwin Moe Aung

Lwin Moe Aung

What attracted me to eduCLaaS' Work-Study program is that I’ll be able to work before I graduate. The personalised mentorship I receive from industry experts also allowed me to get a better understanding on industry’s problems

Master’s Degree Requirements: Eligibility and Selection Process

Panel Image - Software Engineering Course Eligibility

eduCLaaS’ Work-based Masters degree in Software Engineering is suitable for students that have –  

  • English Proficiency Level (IELTS 6.5 or equivalent) 
  • Bachelor’s degree from a recognised university or equivalent 

Besides, having significant work experience is also appreciable. 

Two Degree Pathways for Masters in Software Engineering

eduCLaaS’ Software engineering course comes with two different pathways, namely –  

Panel Image - Software Engineering Masters course degree pathways

International Master's Pathway

Under this pathway, you get an opportunity to study from top international universities via our global virtual learning ecosystem. You study from recorded sessions, connect and collaborate with international students, learn beyond territorial boundaries and get to know about the global business market.

On graduating, you get awarded with a Master’s degree from a reputable commonwealth university. 

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Local Master's Pathway

This pathway enables you to connect with reputable partnered universities in your local area. Here, you study and receive a degree endorsed by 50 universities all over the world. 

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  • University Malaysia of Computer Science and Engineering (UNIMY)

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