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Become Global-ready talents with Apply Now Develop future-ready skills in 12 months Gain 3 years of Work experience Earn up to USD 16,200 before graduation

Watch Video our Work-Study Degree Program


Become Global-ready talents with Apply Now Develop future-ready skills in 12 months Gain 3 years of Work experience Earn up to USD 16,200 before graduation

Watch Video our Work-Study Degree Program

Future of Work: How It Impacts the Professional Lives of New Generation?

The continual investment in digital and automation transformations and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic have reshaped the business world – disrupting the way we hire and work. A surplus of layoffs, unemployment, and hybrid working cases have been recorded in the past 2 years- making it tough for fresh graduates to survive in the marketplace.

But, what’s worse, the situation is going to be tougher for newcomers, majorly because of –
Change in Job Roles

Change in Job Roles ​

Around 97 million new digital jobs are anticipated to rule the job market, while 85 million existing jobs are expected to not exist by 2025. Fresh graduates and those planning their higher education are required to have knowledge and skills aligned with the changing job roles – something that traditional universities fail to offer with their outdated curriculum.


Emphasis on Soft Skills

While companies are expecting graduates with strong soft skills like leadership, Agility and Resilience, Critical thinking, and Innovation, conventional undergraduate degree programs are still focusing solely on theoretical learning. Thus, when fresh graduates enter the business market, they either struggle to land a job within 6 months or must end up with entry-level jobs.

Experienced Professionals

Preference for Experienced Professionals

To accelerate the digital transformation journey, various enterprises are demanding employees with existing working experience (even for entry-level jobs). However, the traditional education system does not provide any working opportunities during the degree course. Making it difficult for fresh graduates to start their career journey.

Work-Study Degree Program – An Innovative Degree Program Preparing You for Future Careers

We have designed our Work-Study degree program with a 1: 3 learning approach, such that it facilitates you with bespoken core knowledge, strong workplace skills, and keeps you familiar with the latest market trends.

1: 3 Learning Approach = 1 Year of Bootcamp Training + 3 Years of Workplace Environment Learning

In other words, our undergraduate degree program provides you with an opportunity to gain –

Global-ready Skills within 1 year

You undergo a 1-year bootcamp training where you study in-demand knowledge and skills from experienced learning facilitators. You practice on real-world projects, collaborate on assignments, and polish your conceptual knowledge.

3 Years of Work Experience before Graduation

You get interviewed by leading global organizations just after bootcamp and get hired as a full-time, paid apprentice. You work and interact with industry leaders, experienced professionals, and clients worldwide. You develop workplace skills while refining your knowledge and skills.

Significant Earning and Pay Your Tuition Fees

During the paid apprenticeship phase, you earn a significant amount of income such that it is higher than your tuition fees. This enables you to financially support your higher studies and even pay back the education debt (if taken any).

What’s more, you become eligible to earn 2x salary than fresh graduate at the time of graduation.

Personalized Mentorship from Industry Experts

You also get in touch with industry experts who engage in 1:1 sessions, give you an overview of hidden industry challenges and opportunities, and help you carve your career path.

Accredited Degree Certification

On graduation, you receive an accredited degree certification along with 3 years of work experience, which enables you to stand out from the crowd.

Let’s Experience a Work-Study Degree Learner’s Journey Together

Become Ready for The Fastest-Growing Career Options with Our Work-Study Degree

With a strong set of digital, tech, and soft skills and specialized knowledge, you become ready for a range of career opportunities, such as – 
  1. Full Stack Software Developer
  2. Software Engineer
  3. Artificial Intelligence Expert
  4. Web Developer
  5. Cybersecurity Engineer
  6. Digital Business Developer
  7. Business Development Associate
  8. Sales Representative
  9. eCommerce Entrepreneur
  10. Content Writer
  11. SEO Specialist
  12. Email Marketer
  13. Social Media Assistant
  14. Digital Marketer

Be a Step Closer to a Successful Career with Our Borderless Learning Environment

Our Work-Study degree program focuses upon preparing you as future-ready digital talents that have 21st-century skills and mindset to take on international projects and employment. That is why we introduce you to our Borderless learning environment, where you –
connect to talented peers and experienced learning facilitators worldwide

involve in self-directed ‘bit-sized’ modules under the EASE learning model

participate in activities like Peer-to-Peer learning and Flipped Classes

collaborate on real-world projects and broaden your skills

receive mentorship support and get familiar with industry trends

challenge yourself, extend your knowledge, and discover new career paths

Gain Competitive Advantage via Our Multi-credential Certifications

We help you stand out in the market by earning multicredentials certificates from recognized educational institutes worldwide, including Pearson BTEC, American Intercontinental University (AIU), University of Roehampton (UoR), and Lithan.

Two Degree Pathways towards a Successful Tech Career

eduCLaaS virtual learning environment offers two different pathways to become future-ready graduates. You can choose either pathways and take a step towards a high-paid career.
International Degree Pathway

This degree pathway allows the option of studying from top renowned international universities via global virtual learning environment.

On choosing this degree pathway, get

  • Diploma awarded by either Lithan Academy or Pearson UK upon completion of the second year – recognised by over 100 commonwealth universities
  • Degree certificate from internationally accredited universities.
Local Degree Pathway

The Local degree pathway connects you with our reputable university partners within your local area.

Here, you study and receive a degree awarded by our reputable local university partners, which is endorsed by 50 universities across Asia.

“An Undergraduate degree from eduCLaaS is your passport to a fulfilling career in an ever-changing business world!”

See what Our Learners Say about the Work-Study Degree Program

Our Suite of Offerings

We prepare students for the digitally transforming world outside their classroom by availing themselves of multiple courses.

Whatever undergraduate degree course you pick, you are setting up for a career with infinite potential!

Software Engineering

Step into the competitive tech market with competent Full Stack development skills, 3 years of work experience, and earning up to USD 16,200 before graduation.

Digital Business

Kickstart your entrepreneurial journey or acquire multidisciplinary digital skills while working with professionals and earning before you even graduate.

Be the fitst to know about our latest programs, upcoming academic sessions, and more.

Why Trust eduCLaaS for Kickstarting Your Dream Career?

eduCLaaS is a PAN-Asia Digital Learning and Talents platform that focuses on bridging the skill gap that often remains between employees and industry data requirements, and this way, enhances the employment rate across the globe.

We are committed to equipping you with hands-on intensive skills, connecting with global enterprises, and assisting you in moving into the careers of tomorrow.
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Transforming the Way You Learn, Work, and Grow across 100+ Cities

eduCLaaS has collaborated with established learning campuses, recognized universities, and leading enterprises around Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam, India, Myanmar, Kuwait, Sri Lanka, and various other cities in Asia and Europe to bring ample opportunities to the table and make you capable of taking international projects and jobs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have curated our Work-Study applied degree program in a way that you work full-time during weekdays and study via online/offline mediums on weekends.
To enroll in eduCLaaS’ Work-Study degree program, you should have –
  • a. English proficiency of IELTS 5.5 or its equivalent,
  • b. completed GCE A level or its equivalent, and
  • c. relevant work experience (optional).
We equip you with in-demand knowledge and skills during bootcamp training, which global enterprises trust in. So, there’s a least chance that you won’t get into apprenticeship.
But if that happens, we have a Minimum Income Assurance scheme that ensures that you earn a significant amount of income to support your further studies.

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